What Every Uninsured Driver Should Know

Driving is a convenient way to get around because you don't have to spend money on public transportation, but there is still the risk of losing money. A driver could lose money if they get sued by another driver for causing an accident that caused vehicle damage and injuries. Due to such a situation being a high risk when sharing the road with numerous other drivers, auto insurance coverage is mandatory in most states. [Read More]

A Janitorial Service Bond Makes Your Cleaning Service More Appealing To Potential Clients

If you own a cleaning service, you should think about getting a janitorial service bond. You need other types of insurance as well, but a service bond is also good to have since it gives your clients confidence in your business. Here are details to know about janitorial service bonds. Janitorial Service Bonds Aren't Mandatory You aren't required to carry a janitorial service bond when you run a cleaning company. Although the bond is voluntary, it's still a good idea to get one. [Read More]

What Penalties Can You Attract For Driving Without Insurance?

The law clearly states that you should not have a vehicle on the road if it's not insured. In most states, the primary requirement is third-party coverage. However, you will find that many motorists operate their vehicles without coverage while others have expired insurance. In such cases, you will face legal repercussions if you get arrested for driving without insurance. You might also get in trouble with your insurance service provider if you don't renew your premium on time. [Read More]

What Affects The Price Of Business Liability Insurance?

Any organization paying for business liability insurance will want to know what affects the pricing of its policies. Given the diversity of businesses and their liability exposure, this amounts to lots of factors. However, an insurer will typically look at these four major factors to determine most of a policy's price. Traffic The simple number of people moving through a business on any given day dictates much of its liability exposure. [Read More]