Trying To Lower The Cost Of Your Home Insurance? Try This

Buying a house is stressful and time consuming. Once you have finally found a home that fits your needs, the last battle of the war is to find home insurance. At first glance, it may appear an easy endeavor. There are hundred of insurance agencies out and about that are more than willing to offer you a quote. However, upon further inspection, different home insurance companies can be quite persnickety about who they will and will not insure. [Read More]

Rent Your Home? Why You Need To Invest In Renters Insurance

If you rent your home or apartment, you may think that you don't need insurance. However, that's not actually the case. Even if your landlord has insurance coverage for their property, your losses won't be covered in the event of damage or theft. Unfortunately, that means you'll be left without financial protection. That's where rental insurance comes into the picture. Rental insurance provides you with the protection you need for your property. [Read More]

Questions To Ask Your Auto Insurance Agent

If you're shopping around for insurance, it can get confusing. There's a lot of information being thrown at you, and you may only be worried about the monthly payment, but you should also be considering how much coverage you're getting as well. If you aren't sure what questions to ask your potential insurance agent, read on for a few to ensure you are well-informed before you invest in an insurance policy. [Read More]

Adding A Teen To Your Auto Insurance: 3 Tips To Keep Premiums Low

Handing the keys of a car over to your teen driver can be liberating, and a bit stressful. You will no longer have to worry about shuttling your teen to school, friends' houses, or sports practices. The stress of insuring your teen driver can replace these worries as a primary concern. Most parents think that adding a teen driver to their policy will be costly. While inexperienced teen drivers do pose a higher risk (which explains the higher premiums), there are some discounts you can take advantage of to keep your auto insurance premiums low after adding a teen driver. [Read More]