Additional Coverage for a Standard Auto Insurance Policy

If you own a vehicle and use it, you are legally required to insure it. The type of main coverage you can choose from depends on whether or not you own your vehicle. If you own your vehicle, you have the title to it and can choose to get the minimum coverage, which is liability car insurance. You may opt to choose comprehensive insurance, which is often referred to as full coverage insurance. It will provide protection if you are involved in a collision even if you are determined to be the at-fault driver.

A liability policy would make a payout to the other driver for their damages if you are the at-fault driver. The cost of your repairs would be your responsibility. You must get full coverage auto insurance if your vehicle is under finance or has a lien on it. For many drivers, standard policies are not enough to meet their needs or give them peace of mind. The following points identify a few add-on options you might want to include in your policy,

Rental Car Stipend

Take a moment to think about how you would get from place to place if your vehicle needed to be repaired or was written off as a total loss by an auto insurance company. Many drivers only have one vehicle and some do not have access to public transportation. Adding a rental car stipend to your policy would ensure that you have access to reliable transportation after a collision.

New Vehicle Protection

You can expect a new vehicle to depreciate in value as soon as you drive it out of the dealership parking lot. If you buy a new vehicle, it is a good idea to get an add-on for new vehicle protection. This add-on ensures that if your new and shiny prized possession gets totaled out, you can get its original value rather than the depreciated value. It protects you from a financial point of view. Think about receiving a check from the insurance company for the depreciated value and the check is not enough to pay off the loan on the new vehicle. You would be responsible for paying the leftover balance.

Roadside Assistance

Drivers face unexpected emergencies on the roadway every day. Issues such as tire changes, unexpected breakdowns, and running of fuel are realistic situations that can happen. Sometimes these inconveniences happen at residential and commercial locations. A roadside assistance add-on provides access to professionals who can change tires, perform towing services, deliver fuel, and assist with lockouts. A car insurance agent is a good resource to use to learn more about these add-ons and others.