A Guide For Motorists Required To Get An SR22 Insurance Certificate

SR22 insurance is a special type of certificate that essentially shows you have the right amount of insurance coverage as mandated by your state. If you need this certificate for certain reasons, follow this guide to avoid issues or penalties. 

Keep Certificate for as Long as the State Says to

Some motorists will get an SR22 insurance certificate but not keep it for as long as they need to. That's a big mistake and can get you in trouble. It could even hinder your ability to get your license reinstated, and then you wouldn't be able to drive anywhere.

It'll be better to just keep this certificate active for as long as your state requires you to. You can find out this length of time by talking to an SR22 insurance provider or just going on your state's Department of Motor Vehicles' website. 

Have a Relevant Insurance Provider Help ou File

Instead of trying to file for SR22 insurance yourself, it's better to let an insurance company assist you. They'll have a better understanding of what forms you need to fill out. They can send them to you, and then you'll just have to complete them and verify that your personal information is accurate.

After sending them off to your insurance provider, they'll take care of the rest of the filing steps to ensure you meet your state's requirements for being more of a risky driver. Just make sure you work with a provider that handles SR22 insurance to ensure the right forms are filled out. 

Be Aware of Possible Expirations 

Sometimes SR22 insurance certificates will expire. If this is applicable based on who your insurance provider is and the type of policy you agreed upon, you need to know exactly when the policy is going to expire.

You can then re-up the policy at the right time so that you always have the basic level of insurance that the state wants you to have based on your previous actions on the road. You also might have the insurance provider give you reminders about upcoming expiration dates. Then you'll never be put in a bad legal spot when driving a vehicle.

Being forced to have an SR22 insurance certificate may seem like a negative, but you just need to do what your state demands. Then you'll get into far less trouble, and as long as you comply, you can get back to normal driving situations again. 

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