What Is The Point Of Medigap Insurance?

Medicare supplement plans, or Medigap insurance policies, are options that pay for services for those who use Medicare. There are deductibles associated with Medicare, and many people are interested in adding extra plans. This is where Medigap comes in. Do you want to learn more about the point of Medigap insurance? Are you unsure if you would benefit from Medicare supplement plans? There are a few things you should know about supplemental insurance. [Read More]

How Can Bundling Benefit You?

There's nothing better than discovering that you can save money on a significant fixed expense. Insurance is a fact of life for homeowners and vehicle owners, but bundling is one possible way to bring your monthly bill down. If you aren't currently taking advantage of this cost-cutting opportunity, then you may be missing out on hundreds of extra dollars every year. Keep reading to learn what bundling is, how much it can potentially save you, and the best ways to use it to your advantage. [Read More]

Medicare Supplement Plans: Worth Looking Into

If you have original medicare but still feel as if you are overpaying for your medical care, you should look into getting a medicare supplement plan. Medicare supplemental plans work with original Medicare to pay for all of your medical bills with one flat payment. Instead of paying 20% of every bill you get, you will pay a monthly premium and, depending on what plan you choose, the rest of your bills may be covered. [Read More]