5 Types Of Injuries That Qualify For Workers Compensation

Having workers compensation insurance is crucial to ensure the safety of your employees. If someone is injured while performing their job, workers compensation insurance can help pay for their injury so that your company doesn't have to. Here are a few examples of the kind of injuries that typically qualify under worker compensation insurance. 


One injury that can easily happen in the workplace is a fall. These could be as common as a slip and fall on a puddle of water or a dangerous fall off a ladder or other workplace equipment. It is usually important that the fall happened while the employee was on the clock and performing a duty of their job, but that is not always the case either. Falls can happen anywhere, even when an employee is entering the building in the winter and slips on a patch of ice. 

Car Accidents

Injuries do not always have to happen on site at your workplace. If you have employees that travel frequently for their job, such as delivery drivers, a car accident could be covered by workers compensation. As long as the employee was performing a task related to their job when the accident happened, they will get the coverage that they need through workers compensation. What would not be covered is if someone got into an accident during their lunch break when picking up their own lunch or when heading home at the end of the day. 

Falling Objects

It is possible for an employee to be hit by a falling object while in the workplace. While this is more common in the construction fields, it can happen anywhere. All it takes is an employee to be standing near an object when it comes crashing down to get hit and injured as a result. The higher up an object is, the more likely it will be to cause a serious injury. 

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is often out of your control, and it can happen suddenly without any warning. Know that your employees will be protected from the costs of their injuries if there is an altercation with another employee or a customer. This includes injuries that may happen while a business is being robbed, since an employee may be threatened with physical violence. 

Reach out to an insurance provider that offers workers compensation insurance for more information about what types of injuries will be covered. You may be surprised at how much protection you will get.